Busy Streets

You know, New Yorkers are not so bad.
I’ve had a pretty good day. Yes, it is all about attitude and your emotional intelligence.


© Karen Arango

The day started with these men. The cloudy day filled the busy streets with joy, and personality. I’m getting more comfortable photographing strangers, again. It is still possible.




The reggae and spanish music overwhelmed the area. My feet wanted to dance at the rhythm that my ears were capturing. The smell of weed followed me as a girl yelled “who got some bud!”. Someone was smoking and the smell had impregnated the street with no mercy. The man listening to his wireless headphones could have made a perfect portrait, with the twilight sky as his backdrop. My shyness took control, no portrait was made.


In a place filled with people, cameras, microphones, glasses of wine, bottles of beer, cellphones and open minds, I found myself inspired to talk to celebrities, old friends, new friends, and myself. I let myself to open up and talk to people, ask them questions, take their photo. I was inspired and no one could take that away from me. I was surprised by the kindness of some of my peers and friends. Our conversations were full of interesting content and I connected more than I have in a while, it is just what I needed. I felt human again, I was me.


I can still feel Eugene holding my arm as he told me about Brian and how his interaction is with him when they work together. He was so happy to hear from him.



I started playing around with reflections, and now thinking about the way I’m shooting. I need more creativity and variety in compositions.

© Karen Arango

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