Rainy Days, Rainy Nights


© Karen Arango

As I was walking home last night. The last couple of days have been difficult, I have been constantly thinking about the future and how it will keep unfolding. I think about my relationships with my family, friends, the people I interact with daily, the upcoming elections and how our realities might change because of it, and about the planet and global warming, how our bees our dying…I freak out sometimes and wonder if my hard work, and sacrifices will ever be worth. I wonder if the sacrifices my mother made for us will be worth. I want to go far, I want to help improve other’s lives.

Is that so hard? Why does it seem like so many negative things are going on in the world?I’m waiting for the positive ones to come my way, our way.

I have an image from yesterday as I was walking in the afternoon. I noticed a boy and girl sibling sitting on a stroller, it was raining. The brother was holding his sister’s hands tightly, they were about 4 years old, they seemed so close.

As I was riding the bus today, I was thinking if I should keep doing photography, I wonder if this is really what I am meant to be doing. I will find out in the next five years. I love it, although I wish I could share more of my photos. All these thoughts made me feel so unmotivated and hopeless. Suddenly, I come across a comment on Instagram from a photographer, it said the following:

“It was a harsh winter a few of years ago. I was living at my studio in Brooklyn, next to the Manhattan bridge, feeling lonely with not much to do. I saw through the window, the blizzard was hitting strong. I pick my camera an shoot non stop during 2 months, best winter ever.
Looking back I find limitations have never been a problem but rather have allowed me to explore beyond. And it never matters which camera or lens I use, invariably what makes the difference is my attitude.”

The message went along with a beautiful photo of the Brooklyn Bridge, I was more interested in the message rather than the photo. Although, the fact that there was rain when he took the photo made me wonder about today and how I was feeling, along with the rainy days we have had recently. I was about to get off the bus as I saw the photo and the message, with my camera inside my bag I decided to take it out. The first thing I saw as I took my camera out was a store called “Sunlight” which I thought was ironic, since it had been raining all day and my mood was far from sunny.

© Karen Arango

Then I began to photograph the street I was walking on. It was drizzling and my umbrella had broken earlier in the day. I couldn’t help but to notice the car lights and how they gave the drops of water such a cool effect as they gracefully fell on the ground. I felt inspired by such a simple message, but a great reminder. Attitude is everything and if we have a good one we won’t have anything to worry about. I gotta remind myself that the beauty is in the simple things in life, the big picture starts from within and grows as we appreciate, love, and enjoy.

© Karen Arango
© Karen Arango

I have always loved capturing the lights at night, I miss walking in the middle of the night and taking long exposure images.

© Karen Arango


© Karen Arango

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