Ask me about happiness and I will tell you about grief.

Often, we think our happiness is dependent of other people or material belongings. For some it could be having a beautiful and big home, for others it is having a loving significant other, and for a very few amount of people is just the thought of being alive.

Look around you, notice the people you interact with, work with, even your own family. What are they saying?

You can have temporary happiness, although happiness is within us all the time. Joy is life, and if we live we are joy we just need to find it within ourselves. Life is a journey that will take us on many experiences. From the day we are born we become part of this physical world where we learn every day, we just need to remember that. No matter what experience you have, good or bad, we ALWAYS have something to learn and to be thankful for. If someone asked you what your happiest memory is I bet it would take you a couple of minutes to think about it, but if the question was about your biggest grief, it will take you seconds to respond.

We tend to hold on more to negative emotions because we feel safe, we are used to it and that is what society teach us to do. Look at the news, 99% of it is negative, although very informative. All I am trying to say is that we can all find a way to transform our negative emotions into good ones. There are many forms, though writing, art, music and I bet there are more alternative ways to do it. If we all did this, I know the world would be a better place, and we would be more loving with each other.



One thought on “Happy

  1. Grief is personal and real and often permanent and certainLike death and taxes.
    Happiness is an illusion.Like the “flash of green “Sarasota author John McDonald wrote so eloquently about and many of us still question its authenticity.
    Happiness is temporary.Sadness is a learning experience .Happiness is……..

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