May 26, 2014 – Thoughts

“Is she okay?” He asked after he saw her laying down next to the big sign in the city.

“Of course” her friend said, the girl looked up to see who had asked that, when she went to see she noticed the man riding away. She got up from the structure and began to run towards him.

Georgian beauty copy

When life gives you something and for a reason you can’t take it or have it is because better things are waiting for you. It may take some time and patience find the reason but as long as you work hard for something and you have genuine love for it, it will develop itself. You don’t need to force anything in life. Just follow your path, your instinct, do what you like and be good to yourself in order to treat others well that way others can treat you well too.

A couple of weeks ago the girl went to a country to be considered unsafe, corrupted and scary. She went alone and while she waited at the airport to be picked up she learned about trust, where assumptions about a person should only be made after you get to know them. Then she thought –

“If you can’t trust yourself, then you won’t be able to trust others and live life happily. What is love, self-confidence and will? Love can be expressed in many ways with looks, words, actions and thoughts. Love is not romance, love is pure. This pure feeling where care is expressed and disagreements are necessary, to make the love stronger every time. Disagreements within one self about choices, changes, adaptations, and self-trust. It is a discussion where the mind is a traitor and intuition calls for attention. Love is not deep, love is profound, where more than one is looking for it, where there is no place to look, just to be found. Love is a place, a thing, a thought, a word that can change a galaxy by an introduction of a heaven within earth and a planet full of souls looking for the same need, an unattached feeling, where the stars dance along the path of a forgotten soul waiting to be remembered. “



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