April 21, 2014 – She can sleep anywhere


With a soft touch he opens the door, she was sleeping. He begins to make breakfast for her two girls, he is so happy to have them at home. As he grabs the bread from one of the cabinets she wakes up. The room is right next to the kitchen. It is one of those rooms made specially for guests. The sofa bed was comfortable and it felt like home, like never before in a complete stranger’s home. He was not a stranger anymore. She was in a country where no one, absolutely no one knew who she was, now, she was sleeping in a home that reminded her of her grandmother’s farm. The smell of old wood, the sound of the wooden floor squeaking, the old T.V., the delicious food, the unique kitchen door, the view from the window to the other old buildings with clothes hanging in their terrace. She gets up from her bed, wondering what time it is and feeling a little guilty that she didn’t get up earlier. She sits on the bed and puts her legs on the floor. She looks down, she sees her carry on bag half-open, the zip lock bag is sticking out. She sits, tries to wake up and thinks for a moment. She lies on the bed again, she is too tired. Her eyes close for a second, she opens them again looking straight at the ceiling. Happiness overwhelms her, the faded color of the walls with texture from the old ceiling reminds her of home. Where the warmth of her family was all that existed in her, where she heard the rooster and the chickens run around. She got up again, he heard her this time. He looks in the little window on the door, he sees she is awake. She stops for a second, she feels shy, she has not brushed her teeth and has morning breath. He opens the door, and with the warmest hug and kiss on her forehead he says with a mediterranean accent, “My kid!”

She smiles and hold him strong, she puts her to the side of his chest, he is tall and she does not want to let go.


It has been a journey for her these weeks, she has been feeling lost and needs support from people close to her. She looks out for it. She finds it. She had been visiting her family where they had a wonderful time after many months of being separated. She wonders about life, and what is the meaning of her life. She wonders if trying to do the right thing all the time is the right thing to do. She is wondering if she should take some more risks. Maybe go parachuting, or just going for what she really wants without caring for what others might say. She gets together with her friend they have dinner together and talk about life, and experiences. He tells her about his family and everything going on with them. She talks about similar things although she feels vulnerable and a little insecure. He has been observing her life and wonders if she can do anything to make it better. Her friend tells her “You need to be happy with where you are at, because that will help you make your future a lot better. Don’t worry about too many things because you need to live life by the moment, while observing your surroundings.”

This made her think of her other friend who used to tell her “Do what you want, but don’t forget about yourself, of who you are” Then the friend with whom she was having dinner told her. “Some people pray and ask for too much, sometimes is also good to thank, always give thanks for what you have and where you are. It is the best thing you can do.” When you are thankful for what you have today, the universe will conspire to give you what you desire, because you will appreciate it.



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