April 9, 2014 – A year from now

The other day while at home, the girl was thinking about what it means to be successful. She has been looking for recognition, fame, and economical success in her career. She is still young though but she wants it, bad. Until she realized that it had ruined all her passion and her love for the little things about life. She has been aspiring great things and is constantly disappointed for not accomplishing them. “Am I good enough in what I do?” she asks herself sometimes. Although she does not know the answer to this question, he only hopes. She remembered when her love for what she did was pure and it was about helping kids, the world, and making a difference. It got contaminated with the idea that she had to be successful and recognized by it. She wants to make her parents proud and be happy. What is happiness anyways? Money does not give happiness, maybe temporary pleasure and the ability to pay a couple of bills, at the end of the day it really doesn’t. If life is miserable before the money comes, it will continue to be even afterwards, because happiness comes from enjoying every moment, taking the time to taste the food we eat every day, and witnessing a plant grow, feel the heat of the sun on ones face.

“Am I doing what I love?” she asks. “What is it really I want, and why is it so hard to figure out, I thought I knew, why are my thoughts changing?” Then she realizes that her happiness is doing things she loves, even though it does not bring her what others consider success or monetary pleasure. She will be able to enjoy every little second of her life, and enrich her soul to the point that her true happiness and love for her life and others will give her the tools to move on in life and live in peace.


One day the girl had a conversation with a friend about successful families and how when the parents are successful, the children have a higher chance to being successful as well. They were discussing why that happened. Then she realized that in her life, one of her parents had been successful but she did not have the chance to learn about it because they had spent most of their time separated. The only parent that raised her was a wonderful person who lived from what she earned, she did not have an education, therefore she could not teach her children about success. All she could teach them was that an education is important and that they had to do their best at all they do, therefore they had to learn to be successful by themselves. Then, the girl realized that it is more difficult for a child who knows what is like to live in a low income household be successful because they somewhat do not truly believe it could be possible, because they never lived it. They have not experienced it, therefore it is a lot harder to visualize and make it happen. They know a person can live roughly from what they earn and they can have a wonderful life, therefore they do not do more than that. Sometimes they don’t feel confident about reaching for more because they believe they do not deserve it. “If I didn’t deserve it before, why now?” “I do not want to be come some materialistic, superficial person that only cares about how much money I earn and how I will save it” After thinking about this, the girl realized why some of the people who have struggled the most in life are the ones who want to help others, because they feel for them and know what is like to have someone help them in the most difficult times. “So is being successful worth the try?” The girl keeps questioning herself. “How can I stay happy?”

img002 copy

Mount Rainier National Park, 2013 – One of her “happy places”.

She closes her eyes and it just takes a second to be there.

img003 copy


Stepantsminda, Republic of Georgia, 2013 – It has been almost a year. To think time passes so fast and memories stay with you for ever. Thank god for photography.






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