March 31, 2014 – Passing in this car

Georgian beauty copy

She was driving around today, looking for some food. She passes by a house full of trash on the front yard. Not only trash, also some nice things that were taken our of the home behind it. The girl makes a right and stops in front of the house with number 319. The garage is open, she guesses there is someone there to ask about these things, she likes a shelf, it was white. There is a TV on in the garage a it looks like a man is sitting on a chair, eating his food from a styrofoam plate. It was meat and rice. The man was wearing a white shirt, he didn’t have his two front teeth, it looked like his home was part of the garage. She asks him if she can take the shelf. He says it is okay, that it is property of the home next door and that she should ask them, as the man was trying to show her the house the had to go to he moves his leg, where the plate of food was and it suddenly falls. The man immediately looks up as if he really wanted that food and how mad he was for it to have fallen. Now he could not eat anymore. The girl apologized, the man smiled and said it was okay. He told her where the home was and she apologized again, looked at his food on the floor, not knowing what to do.

She left to knock on the other door. The door was white and there was a small window to the right, she knocked three times, softly. She could see one of the woman washing dishes from one of the windows. Another woman came by and opened the door. The girl and the woman looked at each others eyes for a moment. Then the girl asked if she could take the shelf, the woman said, “Yes, of course” with a smirk on her face, as if she was happy the girl was going to take the shelf. “I put it there because I didn’t know who to give it to, it only needs to be cleaned and that’s it” the woman said. The girl thanked the woman and went back to put the shelf in her car. While walking back she saw the man sweeping his food from the floor and she regretted that the man dropped the food on the floor. The shelf had some spider webs, nothing too bad, she took down the spider webs with her feet and grabbed the shelf with her hands. It was not too heavy, she could manage to carry it. The man from far away asked her if she needed any help, she said no, she felt embarrassed enough from the previous incident. She kept trying and realized it would not fit.

Suddenly the man came over with a bag on his hand. He put it down next to the trash, it was his food, and carried the shelf so the girl could try putting it in the trunk of her car. “It won’t fit” he said. He tried putting it in and it did not. The girl said “Too bad it doesn’t I really like it.” The man put the shelf down and told her, it ‘s okay. She then said to the man. “Thank you so much and I am so sorry about your food” with a shy smile. He then looked at her with a grin and replied “It doesn’t matter, I guess I didn’t need it after all, have a great day.” She told him to have a great day as well, go in her car and drove off to the supermarket. At the supermarket, after she got all her food she went to make the line to pay. In front of her was a woman with a plate of food, and the girl thought of the man again. She though that if she gave him a plate of food he would feel better, she would feel better as well. She got out of the line and got him a plate of food, trying to figure out what he would like. She finished, when to the register, payed for his food, while thinking if he was going to feel offended by bringing him food. She wanted to do it, she felt guilty of making him drop his food. “What of he didn’t have anything else to eat? He looked like he really wanted his food,” she thought. She convinced herself he was going to like it. She drove off to his home hoping he was still there. She passed by the home and did not stop, she was so afraid.

Then, she made a turn and went back to his home. She parked in the driveway and looked for him, the TV was still on. She looked inside the garage and there was a woman, the girl guessed it was his wife. The girl said hello, and the woman replied. The girl, while holding the plate of food on the hand told the woman what had happened and asked her to receive the food from her. She took it and thanked her. While the girl was going back to her car, Willie, the man who had dropped his food went out to the door, he saw the girl and said hi while his wife showed him what the girl had just brought. After he saw what was inside, his body posture changed. He looked back at the girl and with a smile said “Thank you.” The girl felt a lot better and at that moment she realized that she had done something she wanted and she had not let her fear stop her from doing it. She felt herself again, she felt happy.

“Maybe this is what life is all about” she thought.



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