March 27, 2014 – Déjame vivir libre

This photograph was taken by my father in the 80’s during a winter in the US.

The curtain opens

Along the road in Bogotá, the people in uniforms stop the cargo truck in front of the compact car. Suddenly, gun shots are heard from far away. The uniformed men are shooting and kicking the driver out of the truck, they had not seen there was a car behind them. The uniformed were robbers, truck robbers, and they had not realized someone had seen them. In the car, was a family of five. When they take the truck away, the man driving he compact car starts driving rapidly so the men don’t get to them. A man points a gun to the car and stands in the middle of the road. The driver stops, he couldn’t risk him hurting his family.

The curtain shuts

To be continued….

__ o ____ o __

The girl has had a challenging day. She still feels lost. She spoke with her friend in France, who is in the military. She told him about how frustrated she has been with the place she is at, she wants to do what she likes and she doesn’t feel she can, although she is doing it. They spoke about when they met and what they did while they were together. The innocent, pure times nothing else but love and nature.

“I feel like I don’t have time for myself” she said. “I can’t enjoy what I’m doing because I am doing so much, I feel like I have so much pressure. My mother is not feeling well and I want to be with her, at the same time I want to do the best at my job, I want to exercise, I want to travel and just go away for a while, explore other horizons. I don’t know what I want. I feel that people have so many expectations of me.” She said again while her friend gazed at her quietly, while he held a red tea-cup on his hand. The girl slowly puts her hair down and says, “I remember last year at this same time of the year and I was so stressed, I was feeling so bad. I know last year was a heavy year in general, full of extremes. I had very uncomfortable moments and some glorious ones, complete opposites. When the new year started I felt like this was going to be a great year, full of wonderful surprises and projects. That is not how I am feeling right now, why?”

She brushes her hair with her fingers and says, “Wait, I see a pattern, I was feeling like this last year and this year it’s happening again. This means that I need to break this cycle, I can’t keep paying attention to those unimportant things. You’re right! She said to him. “I need to focus, it is better to have a set point of view that will take you somewhere rather than many views that will confuse you and take you now where. I will do what I want, because I am free and what I make with love and care will be cared for” She then remembers the quote her father said when they met after being away for many years. “Love can change a person, and I am not talking about romantic love, I mean love and care for a person, for others. If I have been changed by the caring woman I have by my side, anyone can”

She finally is able to feel that the people who are in her life are there for a reason, that she doesn’t need to be influenced by them. All she can do is learn from others, and try to see the good in them only. If they have any flaws, there is no need for judgement or hate. What you don’t like about others are things you don’t like about yourself, so stat loving yourself and life will be so much easier, and beautiful.




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