January 4th to 9th – Voluntas

_I5A7988 copy
Sarasota, Florida
December 2013
Sarasota, Florida
January 2014
Sarasota, Florida
January 2014
Sarasota, Florida
January 2014
Photo taken by Mirald Cake
Sarasota, Florida
January 2014

Portraits are one of my preferred things to shoot. Whoever it is, I always love a portrait.

The last week has been pretty crazy, I’ve been helping a friend of mine with a book he is making, I had to edit like 100 photos and since I keep myself so busy it’s very challenging to balance between work, personal life, eating, personal work and sleeping all in the same day.

If I don’t write as soon as I have a feeling or idea, it is extremely difficult to do it later on. As of today, I found out about this artist, his name is James Victore and he speaks about confronting our fears and how powerful it is if we use them to our advantage. We stop doing so many things in our lives because we are afraid, of being judged, of failing, hurting someone else’s feelings, mostly we are actually afraid of succeeding. Why? because we never think we are good enough, or that we can accomplish our dreams or goals. So we stop ourselves and conform with what we have and don’t work hard enough to follow that path of discovering ourselves, or just being who we want to be. I am not saying everyone is this way but I know so many people including myself that is sometimes too weak to stand strong against simple life situations, and lets their environment influence them to the point that they forget those dreams that were one day floating in our heads. Well, that’s totally normal and it happens to all of us. The important thing is that sometimes we remember what those dreams are, and for just a moment we put our whole positive energy into it and make one step up the ladder to make it happen, or actually making our dreams happen. I recommend you the movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, after you watch it you will feel that everything you thought it was impossible, it is not anymore, the doors are open.

I also watched a TEDx Video of the most courageous and amazing woman I have ever seen. Her name is Lizzie Velasquez. Please, take fifteen minutes of your time to be blown away! I promise you will not regret it.

Oh I almost forgot, if you wonder why I chose Voluntas  as the title of the post? It means “free will”.

Till next time!



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