January 3, 2014 – Lazy Day


I have no computer to post today so I had to do it from my phone. I posted this photograph on Instagram today. Follow me @chiclesitop

The day was lazy and cold. It was about 49 degrees all day, which is pretty cold for us Floridians. I spent the whole day at home wondering what I was going to do with my life, and thinking how much I wanted to learn and improve in my photography. I watched a documentary last night called “The Happy Documentary”, which is about these scientists who were investigating what makes people happy. It was interesting because usually stuff like that is not researched or shown because it’s not a problem, like for example, depression. Anyways the documentary tells about the happiest places on earth and it makes you think about what really makes you happy and how important it is to be happy in life. What is life anyways… The documentary can be watched at Netflix.

I spent hours and hours on the computer until I felt stressed. Then I finished what I had to do and forced myself to paint, which on the contrary makes me extremely happy. It is such a wonderful therapy. When I realize about my happiness and how much it has changed since I moved to NYC. It came to me that I had become a very stressed person and took life way too seriously, which is good on one way because I worked harder than ever before. The only issue is that I was not feeling happy, no matter what good I had in my life. While my paintbrush danced with the paint I made a decision to always be glad and do what I love. One thing that being an Americorps VISTA has taught me is patience, and knowing that I can accomplish anything I want in life but I have to plant the best seeds that I have because quality overcomes quantity.



One thought on “January 3, 2014 – Lazy Day

  1. Karen, I have always noticed that you were stressed and worried or unhappy. You were looking for a cause to which to devote yourself. Many of my old friends back when I was your age had the same mind-set and I new them very well. You should note that everything came out for them nicely after a while. I tryed to help and maby I did. And by the way, I too am taking up painting.       – Bob

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