January 2, 2014 – Visiting

Orlando, Florida
January, 2014
It was another cloudy day and the drops of water would not stop falling from the sky. I’ve been trying to photograph everyday. Whatever it is, anything I see interesting or beautiful. I was traveling around Orlando today, visiting some of my mom’s friends. I heard all kind of family stories. Every time I hear about how mothers worry so much for their children, they work all their life to try to give them a good life and their children are not appreciative of what they do. I get to hear them express their feelings and stories with their girlfriends. As a young daughter, with a mother that has worked extremely hard to give my brothers and sisters a best life she could in this country, I think about what I am doing with my life and what I could do to make it better. I think if I am being lazy and not doing my best or enough. I really want to do something big, accomplish all my dreams and work on big and important projects. At the same time I would like to help people once I can.
I applied in November to have some of my work be published in a website this year, and I got the e-mail today that I was not selected. When I found out I got mixed feelings because I really wanted to be part of it. It the same time I though of the old saying “If you don’t get something you want today, it is because something better is waiting for you”. That is completely true, all I can do for now is follow my passion, keep learning, do my best and stay positive. The best thing right now is to see it as a signal from the universe telling me I should do a better job and work harder. It’s the only thing worth thinking, I would not gain anything from feeling sad or disappointed, that will not get me anywhere, anytime.
Thank you for your time! See you tomorrow!

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