The chain





You know how one thing leads to another right? Well, this morning while I was in the bus I was looking at Instagram, and I see a post by @thiswildidea who is this man who takes photos of his dog whom he rescued from a shelter. Apparently this dog has like a modeling talent, I don’t know what is really called. Anyways the post he had just made was about the new National Geographic Magazine, the October issue. He had photographs in it and of course felt very happy about it. After I saw this I got very intrigued to know what was in this magazine’s issue. I have loved National Geographic, pretty much grew up watching educational videos that my father would buy and until I became a photographer I realized that I was very passionate about this magazine. So on my way back home I buy the magazine, and I take it home. While I was almost falling asleep I was reading almost every article in it starting from the first pages, when I come across this article about this woman who is a photographer for National Geographic, actually one of the first women to work for the magazine. When I started reading the text about her it immediately captured my attention, which talked about helping women and girls all over the world and photographing them. She is also a founder and Executive Director of a non-profit organization called Ripple Effect images, which is pretty much focused on helping women who are living in hardship. I immediately get up from the bed and realize that there is a possibility to make an impact as a photographer while helping others. It is a funny thing because I recently I have been wondering what will happen with my photographs since I graduated and I need to make something out of them, something good; although many things made me think that this would not be possible because of my old-fashioned way of thinking and approaching photography. After I read this article and looked at her information and photographs online I realized that there is hope, no matter what it is you want to do, there is hope.

This whole thing with finding this article made me remember of a story I wanted to share earlier on my blog, and I had promised I would.

I went on this trip to Seattle Washington with some amazing people, very close to me. We literally went to visit a friend and get to know the state a little. One day while we were sitting in a wine tasting place this person and I were talking about this book called the Alchemist, whom someone had given to me and I liked it so much that I shared it with the other person, who was with me in Seattle. At the moment I was feeling down because of the same reason, I had just graduated college, not working, and I felt that I wanted to do so much with my work but I didn’t know how, when, where, or who to photograph. I wanted to find that story that it really touched my heart and made me feel alive again. Then, the friend whom we were visiting there, arrived to join us. We continued talking about the subject and we related it to the book “The Alchemist” how the protagonist talks about signals, how nothing is a coincidence in life. One of them noticed these wine bottles that have been decorated with some kind of paint and they had lights inside which made them very attractive and he mentioned how pretty they were. I looked to see them (I had noticed them but didn’t look close enough) I got up from my chair with a lot of energy and confidence and went to photograph these pretty bottles. Well while I am photographing this bottles, and I try not to bother the people who were literally sitting next to them a kind man who was sitting at that table says that the person who made those would love to see those photographs. I said yea? and showed him the photos. He said that she would love them. Suddenly the lovely lady came next to me and he introduced us, she started explaining to me the reason why she paints the bottles and she shows me this poster of photographs of children. She tells me the story of what her and her husband are doing and I totally fall in love with it. It was exactly what I was looking for to give me some faith that there are things out there that I would like to photograph and I would have the access to it. These two people are wonderful and God bless them for what they do and for opening their hearts to us. We are very excited to help in any way. Their photos are in the beginning of this post. Enjoy!

Thank you all!


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