Crossing Over


I watched a movie today called “Crossing Over”. It was about immigrants; their lives, hopes, struggles, fears and sacrifices. It reminded me of the day I became a US citizen. Finally, after so many years of experiences, laughters, tears, and worries I finally made it. While I was at the Oath Ceremony I felt so thankful, and couldn’t help thinking about all those people that risk and even sacrifice their lives to come to this country. Mothers, fathers, siblings do infinite things to be here and that day all the personal worries of an “immigrant” were fading for me. My eyes shined and I slowly felt a melancholy, for those who still have not have had the opportunity I had. This experience definitely reinforced my feelings of helping immigrants in the United States, or anywhere else in the world. I looked around me and I felt immensely happy to see people from different parts of the world, accomplishing their dream, either for their families or themselves. It made me go back to when my family and I arrived to this country and what we have had to go through, just to be here. As well as all the families of all the people that I know. The parents, the children the families in their home country, dealing with the distance that brings them either closer or farther from each other. Having to hold on to the idea that someday they will get to meet again. Using the calling cards to communicate with them, sending them money because they rely on them because of the difficult situation in their country, or just starting over either with a family or alone. In addition to having friends and then finding out they have been deported for not having the right paperwork.

Yes, being in this country has opened so many doors for me and has given me infinite opportunities. It has permitted me to meet amazing people, whom have helped me in infinite ways, and if it was not for them I would not be where i am today. I am so thankful to be here. Although, when I listen to music from my home country I miss it. It makes me want to be there; enjoying the wonderful food, the beautiful landscapes, the loving persons and happy environment. I am so glad I have two homes now.

This photograph is of some of the refugees from Abkhazia that I met while I was in Tbilisi, Georgia (Republic of Georgia, the country). I particularly chose this photograph because it reminds me of the situation many people live here. The immigrant parents and their children born where they have fled to, in this case is Tbilisi. Meeting them made me aware that this is not the only place where these things happen.



One thought on “Crossing Over

  1. the photograph is wonderful and, at least to me, surprising… i know you a bit as a person and i am aware of the constant reflection on places, families and distances in your life… i did not know that you spent some time in Georgia and to see a kind of transference of the sense of alienation into a family from a distant culture, also full of historical inconveniences is surprising and revealing… congratulations on a wonderful portrait…

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