The extreme of self

Cocora, Colombia
The way to the possibilities that we have to help others. Lets open our minds.
David, aka “slumdog”, the boy who works hard to earn coins in order to provide for his mother and siblings.
Pereira, Colombia
The children with the umbrella who get wet under the rain so the tourists don’t.
Bogota, Colombia
The tour guide boy who says a whole history of the city without looking at a single sheet of paper, and is trying to save money to go to school.
Guatavita, Colombia
The boy with the bicycle, also trying to earn money.
Villa de Leyva, Colombia

why do people change? Why do we change? why do we have so many personalities?

What makes us who we are? and what changes it?

We worry so much about ourselves, our feelings, what clothes we are going to wear, what others think of you, if you will ever succeed, and what would happen if you don’t. We worry about pleasing others and pleasing yourself with material things, with praise, compliments, and pride. We want to be the best at what we do and then earn money, and be recognized for it. We are too worried on how we feel, and how we don’t want to feel, and the people we want to talk to and the drama in our lives. We think too much if we are doing the right or wrong thing. What is the outcome of this? Stress, unhappiness, and emptiness as a person.

Have you ever thought about those children and people who live under bridges, in carton houses, they have no shoes even. Some don’t even know what is like to drink clean water and have food everyday. And some of us take all that for granted, we have everything: shoes, clothes, a dry and warm roof to live in, a bed to support your back every night, a fridge that holds your food, clean running water, health, and many other luxuries. Then why don’t we do something about it. Why not forget about our pride, laziness and lack of appreciation for what we have. Why do we complain and live an unhappy life. Why do we keep worrying about things have no value or true meaning. Why do we keep being so ambitious and a greedy and want everything for ourselves.

I have an idea, lets stop the cycle. You know why the world is so messed up, and we have so many wars, fights, and sick people? Because everyone is too worried about themselves and about what they want and how that’s going to benefit them and make their lives easier. I wish I could stop what I am doing right now and just go help one of those children who have nothing although they have everything. They never learned to be worried about what their friend and what their neighbor is saying about them. They don’t have time for that. They are too busy looking for food in trash cans, and thinking when they will have some food to eat and if their family is going to make it tonight, and you know what, some of them are even happier than what we are. Why? because the less you have the less you worry.

I wish I could build a big castle for all these children and these people, so they can live a better quality of life. I wish I could give all of them crayons, paints and paper so they can create their own world of colors, happiness and teach us something. I wish we all learned from each other more and there was less hate. I wish I had all the time of my life to make these people’s life better, give them good food and water. I wish they didn’t have to sleep another night in a cold street. I wish I could give them all my love and I could feel theirs. I wish I could look into their eyes and tell them. I love you and I care about you. I wish I could make them believe that they are important and they can do anything they want. I wish I we could make a big home of possibilities and hope for all of them. I wish I could take them with me and they could see the beautiful things that this world has.

I wish we all stopped what we are doing, close our eyes and feel more often and worry less. I wish we cared more.

As an artist, I do my best and I try to gain all knowledge I can from anyone or anything I encounter. I try to succeed and be recognized for what I do. Then I think, why do I want all this? What is the purpose to have it? Then I think that one day, I will be able to meet these children and I will expose their lives, which will make me the richest person on earth and I can build a many houses for them and fill their lives with hope and dreams, and teach them everything I know. Then I will become the richest woman on earth, rich in experience, rich in love, rich in inner beauty and I will have the richest life next to them.

Then I think, why do we have to leave things behind? Why do we have to do what others tell us. Why do we have to follow rules tarts does not let us express how we want?

My soul is desperately asking to help for these children, how will I be able to help them? I ever have the chance?

I photographed the children’s above in different cities of Colombia two years ago. I am seeking for a way to go back and help them in any way possible.


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