A few thoughts






I should either sleep, or write? I think I will choose writing for now.

Several highlights of my day:

– Watched an amazing and moving video called “A few minutes of perfection”. Here is the link:

If we all practiced this, the world would be a better place.

– I met these children while shooting for an assignment. When they saw me come in the park, they immediately asked for a photo taken. If it would had happened one year ago, I would have just photographed them how they wanted to pose, but no, I stayed there with them. I opened up to them and let them be. That’s one of the most important things you can do when you are around people, mostly if you want to photograph them. The park where I photographed is in a street called MLK, known to be “unsafe”, although, for some reason I love this park. I have met very interesting people by just going to photograph there; I end up taking photos of the people living around it instead of the park itself. I have been there in early morning for sunrise, middle of the day, sunset. This is what happens when you visit a place more than one time, you meet people. You begin to be part of the community, people start to know you, and feel comfortable having you around, as long as you show respect.

The two kids in the photographs above captured my attention, they had so much energy. They were running everywhere, it reminded me of when I was a little girl and when I used to play with my friends in the park. They looked so happy, and strong; at least that is the impression I got from them.

– Third highlight, I proved to myself that “What doesn’t kill you make you stronger”. No matter what happens in your life and the struggles you go through you are the only one responsible for making it or breaking it. You have the control and the power to every decision you make no matter how difficult it seems. Let go of your fears and walk with your head up, don’t let anything stop you, and be patient because sometimes all we need is time. Take it slow, don’t rush, let it be.

– Last but not least, a friend of mine said to me “There is always a way when you want something bad enough”. This reminds me of the times we want to accomplish something or we have a dream that seems impossible. Well, it’s not. Visualize it, close your eyes and imagine it happening in front of you, you will be surprised what your mind can do. Although keep in mind, ‘be careful what you wish for’.


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