A Celebration of Life

A celebration

A celebration 2

Last night I participated to a candlelight vigil for the celebration of life of Coach Dan Giguere. I didn’t know him very well honestly, of what I got to know of him he was a very nice person with a huge heart. He used to reach children and promote the well-being of student athletes. It was my first time in a celebration of this type. The place was packed and all for this man, who somehow had touched each of these persons’ lives. It was overwhelming, and very inspiring to see these people being there for him. I didn’t know how to react, what to do, or what to feel. The sound of the kids voices in the skatepark, the people asking each other “how did you know him?”; I can still feel the cold breeze, the metal on the skate ramp, the candle lights contrasting with the darkness. I can still hear the man asking everyone to stay quiet, and I can still feel the boy’s hand that helped me on the skate-ramp. The energy was amazing, despite the noise, I felt so much peace. I still have the clear image in my head of his wife holding his son with her arms, when one of his family members said to the crowd to not stop talking about him, to keep him alive in their hearts and share his story and his love. I closed my eyes, held the candle I had found, and thought to myself “We love you Coach Dan, may you will always be with us”.


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