La guitarra blanca





I have been a resistant from writing. Insecurities, fright, excuses, indiscipline, you can call it anything you want, I call it TIME. We all need a moment to get away from things. Sometimes we do it in order to be able to reflect on our lives, to start new chapters. We go through stages, events, that change the way we see things, it make us better people. No matter how good or bad the experience is, it will ALWAYS teach you something. This past year and a half of my life has taught me infinite lessons. I could spend days telling all the stories I have heard, seen and lived. It has been hard to accept and take in everything I have been exposed to. One of the most important things I have learned is to let go; of your anger, sadness, resentment, memories, pain, past; let go of those songs that remind you of the time you now long for, and wish you lived again. Let go of those people who were special and life took them away from you, but keep them in your heart they will help you if you let them. Let go of the impulse to give up and run away because you feel alone, or you feel hopeless and your life is at the bottom of the ocean. Let go of your own pity and desire to blame others for your mistakes; let go of yourself. It is necessary to start accepting that others think different from you, that you cannot make someone do what you want them to do nor do it your way. No matter how deep we are in that ocean, the clock is still clicking and it will not stop for you, or anyone else. You decide if you would like to stay blinded, or swim with the current. It takes courage, sacrifice, tears, sweat, and hard work. It takes a couple of obstacles to open your eyes, get to know yourself and make you a stronger person. You will disappoint yourself many times and think you must be insane. Well, if you think about it is an insane world out there, I finally discovered part of it, and it was not easy; but, nothing is easy or free in life and if it is, it is not as good. Now, use all you know, learn something from everyone they are there for a reason, learn from every experience, open your mind and heart and love as Mother Teresa said “If you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love.” Give thanks for everything you have in life every time you are aware of yourself, and be aware of others; be honest, always. Learn to adapt to changes and places; they will help you move forward faster, see things clearer. Push yourself to the edge, and beyond; just make sure to know your way back.

I met someone today, this person did not know me, yet, knew everything about me. Without words, just images. How fascinating and amazing that is. When you photograph you are feeling, absorbing, smelling, seeing, moving, dreaming, discovering, creating, living. It freezes a moment, take you back and bring you forward. It comes from your heart, and it has to become part of you, like a sixth sense. You need to let it live within you, make your heart race, and make it stop. It is what gives me energy to live and see forward. I don’t waste a second because every moment, place, light, color, and thought counts.

This photograph was taken in the middle of a mental chaos; where I felt more lost than ever. I had my 35mm film camera with me, like very one else I meet, I wanted to know who he was, capture that with some light and a click of intuition.


One thought on “La guitarra blanca

  1. truly intimate photo… i thank you for sharing that feeling of intuition… sometimes we worry too much about exposure or whatever in life thinking that pure math or technique would set us free… WRONG… it is our very natural and primitive drive which many times have the right tool to bring us toward a risk…

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